Dr. Jennifer Bennet elaborates on the Beliefs of a Successful Woman

She believes in her vision, even on the hard days

She uses past failures to move herself forward

She challenges what’s “popular"

She’s open to change

She doesn’t apologize for investing in herself

She embraces the strengths of other women

She lives within her priorities

She’s grateful

"The creation of the Mary McCammon brand has been a journey of discovery.  It started as a desire to become more visible in a digital world and blossomed into owning my story and living life intentionally with Freedom, Focus, and Fulfillment.  

When I made the decision to become a business owner, I had no idea that my life would change so drastically. Because of this e-commerce business (Marketplace), I get to coach and mentor others to help them create their story to become the CEO of their life! (Mentorship)

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Because of the extra income this business brought, I began dreaming. I began giving. I began traveling. I began serving. (Ministry and Missions)

I’ve stepped way outside of my comfort zone and it has reaped huge benefits, opportunities, and people in my life."

                      Mary McCammon

Are You the CEO Of Your Life?

Freedom: Freedom is being released from something that has hindered or held you captive: finances, time constraints, geography, commitments, negative self-talk, fear, strongholds, pain. Freedom is ongoing and it can change. Freedom is very personal.

Focus: Focus is having a crystal clear vision about what is at the center of your universe of importance. Focus definitely changes through seasons and circumstances, but it typically holds true to who you are at the core.

Fulfillment: When you think of fulfillment, you should immediately feel a deep sense of joy. It is joy in the realization that you have achieved a goal, met a need or that you are using your gifts and talents to serve. Fulfillment  is about dreams and passions coming to fruition. It's what makes you tick!

Freedom    Focus   Fulfillment

Here is what Freedom, Focus, and Fulfillment look like for mary mccammon:

Family, serving, mentoring, missions, travel, building relationships, building little blue houses,  loving people, and sharing her story.

What does it look like for you?