Unblemish--For Acne and Post-Acne Marks

Soothe--For Sensitive Skin, psoriasis and eczema

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Reverse—For the Appearance of Brown Spots, Dullness and Discoloration

My R + F Journey

When I made the decision to become a business owner with Rodan + Fields, I had no idea that my life would change so drastically.

I started this journey after seeing the life-changing results that my daughter had using the products. I say life-changing, because she suffered with severe acne for many years.  I never realized, until the acne was gone, how much it affected her confidence and self-esteem. She used Proactive for years, but it was no longer effective for the different types of acne brought on by adulthood. I knew the famous doctors that created Proactive and certainly remember the “cheesy” infomercials they made in the 90’s and I was very intrigued by their new brand aimed at aging skin.

Being a nurse, I was immediately drawn to the clinical trials that gave proof that the products did what they said that they would do. Unfortunately, I did not become interested in skincare until my 40’s. I was a sun-worshiper in the ‘80’s and had a lot of sun damage and wrinkles.  A month before I heard about Rodan + Fields, I spent $1350 at a spa for five skin treatment sessions, which required four days of down-time for each. They were very painful and truly did not deliver the results that were promised. I was excited to try the R + F products for myself and figured I had nothing to lose, because the doctors offered a money-back guarantee for sixty days, even if the bottles were empty! I joined the business for the discount on products and was so amazed with my results.  

Redefine: For the Appearance of Lines, Pores and Loss of Firmness